TreeWorking with Monique is to take a detailed look at every aspect of your health – from your diet, nutritional supplements, outlook on life, ability to manage stress and operate in the world. She takes great care to work out what areas need balance and attention and how best to address these with dietary  and lifestyle recommendations, herbs and supplements. Insightful and intuitive as well as expertly qualified as a Naturopath and Herbalist Monique will leave no stone unturned in her quest to assist you to achieve better health. If you’re struggling with recurrent health issues or feel out of whack, I recommend you give Monique a call.  Charlotte, Melbourne.

On my first consultation with Monique I was a mess. I was at my lowest, lacking energy, really down, thyroid issues, heavy and painful menstruation, stomach bloating, digestive issues and  irritated bowel syndrome. So where do you  start. Monique did a full and thorough assessment, looking at my whole body and mind and the relationship between all my issues, Monique then systematically worked on each aspect of my health and guided me to regaining my health. Two years later I am fit and healthy and feeling fabulous. I am also 13 kilos lighter. I recommend Monique to anyone who is willing to consider their health a priority.
Fofi, Melbourne.

I saw Monique for a longstanding problem with endomentriosis – a problem I have lived with for years but have never really got to the bottom of. Monique’s approach to assessing and diagnosing the underlying causes of my illness was extremely thorough. At our consulations she displayed a real passion and knowledge for this area of women’s health and helped me understand not just the symptoms I was experiencing but the underlying causes which were all interconnected. The herb treatments Monique gave me brought about a marked relief in the first three months of taking them. Monique is an excellent naturopath and I recommend her highly. Susan, Melbourne.

Lemon tree flowers with ant

I went to see Monique over a period of several months, primarily because of menopausal symptoms, but I was also feeling quite exhausted, wasn’t sleeping well, and had been living with a high level of stress for a long time. Monique took a careful and comprehensive case history, and I felt from the outset she was genuinely and deeply interested in my health, in a holistic sense. She answered all my questions and I felt well-informed about the treatment options she chose, and how they would benefit me. Monique provided me with herbs and also advice on diet and lifestyle, all of which helped alleviate my symptoms. I felt no pressure from her – Monique understands that we all have to make our own decisions; she just provided caring guidance to help me to make better ones. Monique helped me understand the cost to my health of the stress and overload I had become accustomed to, and over a few months, as I came to see for myself the truth of her advice, I made permanent changes in life-style as a result of what I learned from her. I now sleep much better, am more committed and able to carve out time for self-nurturance, and feel more in control of my health.
Di, Melbourne.

Monique has given me a level of care and understanding that is too rarely experienced in our modern health care system. Monique listens. She evaluates the whole picture. The whole body.She didn’t accept my chronic, debilitating issues as things I had to live with. She championed my health after specialists had told me there was nothing to be done. Now I can sleep through the night, as opposed to getting up for the toilet at least 5 times due to bladder issues, I no longer take Nurofen for chronic rhinitis, and I’ve finally been able to fall pregnant! Monique has a very wide knowledge base and is truly holistic, without being kooky! She empowered me to change my life.
Liz, Kew